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Renewed wooden floors in Worcester Park

                                                                                        A well known pre-Raphaelite painting was created here in 1854...

Tempting though it may be, paint is not the answer to a shabby wooden floor.  When the marks, digs and scratches have taken over, it’s time to create a beautiful new surface.

A job for the floor sanding experts -

offering specialist floor repair and restoration:

                                                                                                    The Worcester Park Floor Sanding Experts!

Get the best advice from a family firm who’ve restored hundreds of floors:

from hardwood boards to parquet blocks

for over twenty years.

We’ll assess your floor and prepare a restoration schedule.  

Here’s what we can do for you:

reset wobbly boards and blocks.

replace damaged timber with new or reclaimed material.

      fill in gaps for an even look - if you so wish.

sand away old paint or sealant.

  Our efficient cylinder machines leave a superb smooth finish.

Dust and disruption?

 Not with us: with dust collected from outside each room, we ensure

99% dust free sanding

We’ll keep any inconvenience to your home or business schedule to a minimum.

By working flexibly at weekends - or even overnight.

We can also help you by clearing furniture - and disposing of old carpets.

A new look?

Why not stain the fresh bare wood of your floor to match your decor?  Or create a fresh brighter look with pale wash stains?  

Resealing for protection

Choose your sealant:

natural oil for beauty

hardwax oil for added wear

lacquer for areas subject to heavy footfall.

Today’s lacquers are water-based and safe in the home, kitchen and around children and pets.

All to the highest standards:

At Worcester Park Floor Sanding Experts, we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest floor products.  Only the very best stains and sealants will create a long-lasting surface of quality.  

Our staff are fully trained and complete every job to the highest degree of workmanship

After care:

Take our advice on what you need to do to keep your floor in prime condition for longer - depending on the type of floor and the sealants used.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Wherever your floor is located - in a library, school, and sports hall, and shop, office, bar cafe or restaurant...

We’ll return it to a condition worthy of your premises - to impress customers, staff, users and visitors.

    Your floor is ready to be transformed -

Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

                                                                                             The Worcester Park Floor Sanding Specialists!


The park was originally one of two deer parks attached to Henry the Eighth’s Nonsuch Palace.

The 4th Earl of Worcester was appointed Keeper of the Great Park in 1606.

Holman Hunt (1827-1910) painted ‘The Light of the World’ from within a temporary hut in Worcester Park.

This famous painting is an allegory of Christ preparing to open a door.  The original hangs in a side-chapel of Keble College, Oxford - while a smaller version can be seen at St Paul’s.

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assistance available 24/7

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